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Discount Holiday Cards

5.25x4.10" Postcard
Photo Holiday Cards
As low as $0.79

Discount Holiday Cards

With many purchases the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” tends to hold true. However, with discount holiday cards you have the option to add value to them through the content you choose to include. To ensure that you create a quality card signage, there are a few things that you should consider.


Who is your targeted audience? This should have a big impact on the card style you choose as well as what you write. For example, you may choose a more classic font or photo for your older relatives, while a more colorful font and layout may be appropriate for your cousins or friends.


We speak to different people in certain ways. That is why it is important to consider your relationship with the audience of your card. For example, how you greet a cousin who is like a brother or sister to you would be different from how you would greet your cousin who you have not seen since two summers ago. If you are printing the cards in bulk you may try to come up with a greeting that is in the middle. Or, you may choose to split them up with a few different greeting options.

Personal Touches

One of the greatest benefits of a discounted card is that you can afford to personalize them a few different ways. Considering the audience and relationship, it may be helpful to choose a couple personalized greeting styles. For example, you can choose a smaller writing space for those cards that you do not plan to write much on. Along with what you have embossed on the card, you can personalize them even further with hand-written notes that you may include on the cards themselves, or on stationary that you include with the card.

If you take time to consider these aspects, you will be able to create the perfect, customized greeting or greetings on your discount holiday cards. Check out the available options to gain inspiration for your cards.


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