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Trifold New Years Cards

5.25x5.25" Tri-fold
New Years Cards
As low as $2.69
5.25x5.25" Tri-fold
New Years Cards
As low as $2.69
5.25x5.25" Tri-fold
New Years Cards
As low as $2.69
5.25x5.25" Tri-fold
New Years Cards
As low as $2.69
5.25x5.25" Tri-fold
New Years Cards
As low as $2.69

3 Benefits of a Tri-Fold Card

When most people think of greeting cards, they imagine the traditional bi-fold card with a picture on the front and a short greeting on the inside. However, there are other options out there, including the increasingly popular tri-fold card, which offers several benefits.

You Can Include a Larger Picture

Many people choose to put their own pictures on greeting cards, but a typical bi-fold card isn’t always large enough to show the little details. Whether you have a large family or simply want to show off all the little details in your portrait, a tri fold new years card allows you to use a larger picture. When done strategically, the tri-fold card can appear to show three separate pictures, but then fold out into one large one.

You Can Include a Longer Message

Depending on the layout of the card, some tri-fold options allow you to include a longer message. If you have family who live very far away, you can use the space to write quick updates about each member of your family. Include information about awards the kids have won or a special task your spouse completed during the previous year. You may also use it simply to write a longer, brighter message to raise the spirits of whomever will be receiving your card.

It Is More Unique

Nearly everybody will be sending traditionally folded cards meant to celebrate the same holidays everyone else celebrates. By sending a tri-fold card that celebrates the new year, you are sending something unique. Because your recipients won’t be expecting any more cards after the first of the year, you will stick in their mind as sending something memorable that extended the holiday cheer just a bit longer.

When creating your tri fold new years card, check out the many options available on Tiny Prints. The Shining Reflection card is a beautiful premade option, or if you are feeling a little crafty, opt for the DIY Holiday Tri-Fold option.


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Customer reviews of our Trifold New Years Cards

December 16, 2013Tri fold

"with the extensive help of Brady and Janelle (because of my out-of-the-normal design format, nothing to do with product), my cards were wonderful. Many, many complements."

December 15, 2013Love the Trifold

"My only reason for rating Design as a 4 is that there are other combinations of single and multiple photos and text that I would like to see, but clearly you can't offer EVERY possible combination! What I do like is the option of adding some text on top of the photos, so that we can label each photo without having to devote a whole panel to text. This year we tried the semi-gloss finish and like it very much!"

December 24, 2012Tri-fold Card

"I loved every single thing about this card- it was beautiful and I received a ton of compliments on it!! The ONLY thing I wish was a bit different was that there was a bit more sheen to the card itself. It is so flat/matte that the colors are more subdue. It would look over the top professional if they just added a little touch of gloss to the card stock. However, I still very much loved this card!"

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